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If you have a need or interest in installing retaining walls in Silver Spring, MD, contact LandWorks, an award-winning landscape design/build firm with over 20 years of experience engineering durable retaining walls, patios, decks and screened porches.

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Retaining Walls Silver Spring, MD

Silver Spring Maryland Retaining Walls

Retaining walls on Silver Spring, MD properties can serve several functions. When they are properly designed and constructed they can effectively prevent erosion and manage water runoff. These innovative structures can even be used as a landscaping feature, adding height and dimension to otherwise flat properties. If the retaining wall is going to be effective and aesthetically pleasing, it is important that it is built by the best. Land Works is an award winning design and full-service landscaping company, and they understand that their clients have questions about adding retaining walls on their Silver Spring, MD property. That is why they have put together this list of their most frequently asked questions.

1. What is a retaining wall?

A retaining wall is a structure that has been in use for thousands of years. It is a partial wall that was typically constructed from stone, and often used to denote territorial borders or create a level surface for crops. Retaining walls on Silver Spring, MD properties are often used for the same reasons, though these structures can serve other purposes.

2. Does experience matter in a landscaping company?

Due to the importance of retaining walls on Silver Spring, MD properties, experience does matter when hiring a landscaping company. The skilled stonemasons at Land Works are highly trained, and are familiar with all types of manmade and natural materials used in the industry. Land Works chooses each craftsman for their attention to detail. They carefully place each brick or stone one at a time to ensure a seamless design that will stand the test of time.

3. Is it necessary for the landscaping contractor to be licensed and insured?

It is not uncommon for heavy equipment to be used when retaining walls are being built on Silver Spring, MD properties. This means that the landscaping company must be licensed, and property owners also want to make sure that the contractor is fully insured. Accidents can happen, and if the landscaping contractor is not insured the property owner is often responsible for any damages. At Land Works this is never a problem. Their licensed and insured personnel will be on hand through every step of the project so property owners can rest assured that they hired the best.

4. What are the benefits of retaining walls on Silver Spring, MD properties?

There are several benefits associated with retaining walls. They can effectively prevent erosion, control excess water and even create a flat surface on hilly terrain. Retaining walls are not only functional, they can also add beauty to the existing landscaping. A skillfully designed and constructed retaining wall can even become the focal point of the property. The talented design staff at Land Works will work closely with their customers to help them realize their dreams for their properties.

5. Are retaining walls expensive?

Land Works is proud to be able to provide a full spectrum of landscaping services, including the installation of retaining walls on Silver Spring, MD properties at a competitive price. Their knowledgeable staff will work with their clients to help them choose the right design and materials that fits their lifestyle, budget and the needs of the property. The size of the property and location of the retaining wall will also factor into the cost, and Land Works will clearly discuss all their clients’ options during the consultation.

6. Will the retaining wall look attractive?

Land Works landscaping designs has earned them 1st place as the National Grand Prize winner for excellence. Their landscape designers and talented craftsmen will work closely with their clients to create a retaining wall that is a natural reflection of the property. They will ensure that the finished structure fits seamlessly with the existing environment, never looking like a new construction. It is this commitment to their customers’ complete satisfaction that has made Land Works one of the premier full-service landscaping companies in suburban Maryland.

7. What type of materials are used to build retaining walls?

The stonemasons at Land Works are familiar with most materials used to construct retaining walls. This not only allows their customers almost unlimited design options, but also ensures that the right material will be used for the property. Some of the materials commonly employed in the construction of retaining walls includes, wall and river stones, along with brick, pavers, concrete and cobblestone. Pennsylvania flagstone is another popular option, and can make the retaining wall the focal point of the property.

Land Works believes that nothing fits more elegantly into a landscape that a beautifully designed and installed retaining wall. It can add function and beauty to a property, along with increase its value. While retaining walls provide plenty of benefits, Land Works wants to stress this only applies when it is constructed properly. If the base isn’t set deep enough, stability will be an issue. This also applies if not enough backfill is not packed in or when there is inadequate drainage. Any of these can cause retaining walls to sag, and even fall. Not only is this expensive to repair, it can also be a serious safety hazard. Since Land Works takes the time to carefully inspect the property they know the best place to place the retaining wall. Their licensed contractors will ensure that it is properly installed, and won’t leave the job site until the client assures them that they are satisfied.

Trusted by their clients in suburban Maryland and the Washington D.C. metro area, Land Works has the skill and experience to construct a retaining wall that is elegant and functional. Known for their obsession with details and innovative designs, Land Works is proud of their reputation and look forward to continuing it into the future.


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  • limited to the landscape area near the new wall
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