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Spring is the season of green. Why not get your green on and save green at the same time with an earth-friendly home addition, including patios, decks and screened porches in Silver Spring, MD to open your home to the “green outdoors?”

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Screened Porches Silver Spring, MD

Screened Porches Silver Spring, MD

Screened porches are popular in Silver Springs, MD and many home owners can’t imagine living without one. They provide a comfortable space to relax or gather with friends and family outside, without having to worry about biting insects. Since screened porches are covered they stay cool and comfortable during the hot summer, and this means that rainy weather isn’t a problem. A properly designed and constructed screened porch can add lasting value to the property, and this is only one reason why home owners should turn to the experts.

Since 1991 the professionals at LandWorks have been designing, installing and maintaining screened porches for their clients in Silver Springs, MD. They understand how important proper planning is for the success of a project, which is why they take the time to get to know their clients. The staff knows the right questions to ask to help their clients turn their dreams for their properties into reality. To help make the planning phase go a little smoother, LandWorks has put together this list of questions they frequently ask their clients. Knowing the answers before the consultation will help ensure that the screened porch is exactly what the client envisioned.

1. Are there any zoning requirements to consider?
Home owners are often surprised that they might need to consider zoning requirements before having a screened porch added onto the Silver Springs, MD property. In some areas a permit is required before any structure can be built, and in others permission from the neighborhood HOA is necessary before construction can begin. The knowledgeable staff at LandWorks is familiar with all of the requirements that are often needed, and they will take care of filing any paperwork or securing necessary permits.

2. Where will the door go and how many will there be?
Deciding where to place the door on a screened porch is not as easy as Silver Springs, MD residents often think. The door shouldn’t interfere with the flow of traffic from the house to the porch or block anyone into a corner. Home owners also want to consider if they want more than one entry point, along with the type of materials used to construct the door. LandWorks often recommends aluminum since it is less likely to sag over time and it is also an affordable option.

3. What type of screening will be used?
With over twenty five years of experience LandWorks is familiar with all types of screening, and are well qualified to recommend the best one to their clients. While screening that is hand stitched is affordable, it can be difficult and expensive to replace. Fiberglass screens are durable and easy to replace when needed. They can also be tinted to help reduce sunlight glare. This has the added advantage of helping to keep the screened porch cool and comfortable on hot days.

4. Have the electrical needs been considered?
Before any construction starts on the screened porch for a Silver Springs, MD property LandWorks will carefully evaluate the site. They will take the time to go over every aspect of the proposed location to ensure that it is the right one. They will check for the presence of electrical outlets and wiring that might be necessary to install a ceiling fan or even a flat screen TV. It is this attention to detail that has earned LandWorks the loyalty and respect of their residential and commercial customers.

5. Will there be added features?
One of the reasons for the popularity of screened porches with Silver Springs, MD residents is that they can add any number of features. During the design stage LandWorks will go over all of the client’s options to ensure that the screened porch suits their tastes and lifestyle. Ceiling fans, outdoor lighting, TVs and even complete home entertainment systems can all be added to create an outdoor living space that is perfect for the property. With LandWorks dedication to excellence, home owners can rest assured that the screened porch will meet and exceed their expectations.

6. What type of ceiling will the screened porch in Silver Springs, MD have?
After deciding on the size and type of screen it is time to consider the ceiling. Screened porches with a cathedral ceiling have an open and airy feel that many home owners love, but it does cost a little extra to build. Flat ceilings are a great option, and will give the outdoor living space a warm and cozy feel. The licensed and highly trained craftsmen at LandWorks are familiar with both types of ceilings and will help property owners choose the right one for them.

7. What will the roof look like?
In most cases the roof of the screened porch will match the one on the home, but this is not always the case. LandWorks has created award winning landscape designs that include a screened porch with a contrasting roof. The team at LandWorks knows that each customer is different and will work with them to help them design a roof that is right for the property.

When it is time to add a screened porch onto a home, trust the project to the professionals at LandWorks.


Free upgrade--Hidden fasteners used for entire screened porch floor

  • ($750-$1500) value
  • not to be combined with any other offer
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$1000 off any deck/screened porch combination


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