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Create an inviting area into your home, extend your living space outdoors, or replace your tired landscape with a Outdoor Kitchen.

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Outdoor Kitchens and Patios Bethesda MD

Bethesda MD Outdoor Kitchens

Nothing beats eating on the patio during the warm days of summer. Entertaining is so much easier when a family invests in one of the outdoor kitchens and patios in Bethesda, MD, custom designed and built by Land Works.

Benefits of Outdoor Kitchens

Isn’t a grill enough? Not for people who do a lot of entertaining in their outdoor living area. Here is a look at the many benefits of outdoor kitchens and patios in Bethesda, MD.

Social. Kitchens and patios are natural partners. Having all the tools and equipment close by means it is easier to cook and serve the food, while still being a part of the social action.

Curb Appeal. These kitchen-patio combos also increase the value of a home. A functional outdoor kitchen is considered a major amenity by homebuyers. If a homeowner installs one, he can expect to increase his home’s curb appeal.

Save Money. And not only are they an investment, outdoor kitchens and patios also can help a family save money. Because family and friends spend more time outside, the air conditioner inside doesn’t have to run as much to keep the house cool. Cooking outside reduces the heat that stoves and appliances generate. So the air conditioner doesn’t have to work overtime to get the house back to comfortable levels.

Reduce Smells. Cooking inside means the smells stay in the house. While chicken soup might add a tasty smell to your home, deep fat frying, fish and onions aren’t so nice. Cooking outside helps odors dissipate quickly.

More Space. A patio adds outdoor living space at a fraction of the cost of adding a room to the house. Combined with a kitchen, it makes the area attractive and functional, drawing family members out of doors during good weather.

Eat At Home, Not Out. It can be fun to go out to restaurants to try the latest grilled food dishes. But it gets very expensive. With outdoor kitchens and patios in Bethesda, MD, families can save significant amounts by eating at home, without skimping on their culinary adventures.

Work with Professionals

Land Works has been designing award-winning outdoor structures for the local community for many years. They have earned a reputation for classic design and superior craftsmanship. The team at Land Works is focused on attention to detail and really listening to the needs and expectations of each client. The result is timeless structures that add beauty and functionality to any home.

The company has earned a reputation for excellent customer care. All costs are transparent and the estimates are in writing. The team keeps each client in the loop with updated information so there are never any surprises when it comes to prices or deadlines.

Land Works handles a range of outdoor projects with care and quality, including:

  • Landscaping design
  • Decks
  • Porches
  • Patios
  • Brick and stone construction for patios, walkways, stairs and driveways
  • Advanced carpentry projects, like pergolas, gazebos and trellises
  • Consulting and planning

Call the experts at Land Works for a free, no-obligation quote for outdoor kitchens and patios in Bethesda, MD.


Free landscape design plan with the purchase of any new walkway or patio

  • design rendering will be completed by an award-winning professional landscape designer
  • up to a $750 value
  • limited to the landscape area near the new patio
  • not to be combined with any other offer
  • coupon must be presented before contract


Free borders added to any brick or stone patio/walkway (up to a $750 value)


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