Advanced Carpentry

First Place Maryland Landscape Design

Maryland Advanced Carpentry

Going beyond traditional outdoor carpentry work, LandWorks takes it to the next level with our advanced carpentry projects. Building beautiful outdoor structures that withstand Maryland's elements — while enhancing your property — has become our specialty.

Form and function are two simple words with profound meaning when it comes to your home and landscape. If your custom-built pergola or gazebo looks wonderful but provides no benefit, is it worth the time and investment? We put the two concepts together to create garden structures that look exactly as you had hoped for, while providing functionality as well. Custom designs are just that — custom — and can include nearly anything you can imagine.

Pergolas, footbridges, trellises, and custom fences add a decorative and elegant touch to your outdoor entertaining area or garden, while porticos add an inviting touch to a home's front entry. Trust your vision to our team, and we will transform your home into a luxurious retreat.

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