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Stone Patio Gaithersburg MD

If you are looking for a focal point for you backyard, a stone patio can be a great centerpiece for your Gaithersburg MD landscape. Combined with other hardscape elements like a stone walkway, retaining wall or outdoor construction such as a wood deck, a stone patio defines the recreational space of your Gaithersburg MD property and provides you with many entertaining opportunities.

Gaithersburg home owners can choose from many different types of stone and patterns such as the herringbone, basketweave or running bond. Land Works is happy to consult on design choices to ensure you are happy with your stone patio.

With a stone patio you can take many in-home activities outdoors just by adding other features such as an outdoor brick fireplace or firepit, or an outdoor kitchen. With a well-designed landscape plan, your family can use your stone patio year round in Gaithersburg MD. Take a look at other resources on our website and talk with Land Works about your ieas and we can help bring them to life.

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Stone Patio Gaithersburg MD


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